Random Color Generator

1# hsl(243.13, 80%, 23.53%) Copy to Clipboard rgb(17, 12, 108) Copy to Clipboard #110c6c Copy to Clipboard

Last Updated : 20 November, 2023

Everywhere we look 😍, there is a color, but sometimes it is hard to choose the right one. That is where a random color generator comes in handy.

With a click of a button, you can generate colors that you can use for your next project.

Whether choosing paint colors for your living room or picking up the perfect shade of blue for your website, a random colour generator can help you find the perfect hue.

Color Representation Types (HEX, RGB, and HSL)

In web design, color plays a key role, and several methods represent it. Three of the most common color formats are HEX, RGB, and HSL. You can pick a random color in these three formats using this color randomizer generator.

What is a Color Hex Code?

Using hex color codes, you can define colors on the web. A hex code consists of a hash sign (#) followed by six digits and three letters, for example, #FFFFFF or #000000. The first two digits indicate the amount of red (R), green (G), and blue (B).

Color transparency is determined by its alpha channel, which is the next two digits. Lastly, the last digit represents a color tint.

The hex code is used in CSS, HTML, and other programming languages to define colors.

Examples of Hex Color Codes:

  • #2c2133
  • #3c341f
  • #cc0033
  • #32127a
  • #286acd

What is a Color RGB Code?

It is common for most web design software to use RGB color schemes (red, green, blue). RGB is a color model that uses red, green, and blue light to create different colors. Numbers ranging from 0 to 255 are used to represent colors.

Color intensity increases with increasing number. Since RGB is easy to understand, it is used in many applications.

Examples of RGB Color Codes:

  • RGB(44, 33, 51)
  • RGB(60, 52, 31)
  • RGB(204, 0, 51)
  • RGB(50, 18, 122)
  • RGB(40, 106, 205)

What is a Color HSL Code?

A color model based on hue, saturation, and lightness is also called HSL (hue, saturation, lightness). This color format uses percentages instead of numbers to represent the intensity of each color.

The HSL format utilizes only red, green, and blue light, just like RGB. This color format is standard in vector graphics programs like Adobe Illustrator and CorelDRAW and web design programs like Dreamweaver.

Examples of HSL Color Codes:

  • HSL(276.67, 21.43%, 16.47%)
  • HSL(43.45, 31.87%, 17.84%)
  • HSL(345, 100%, 40%)
  • HSL(258.46, 74.29%, 27.45%)
  • HSL(216, 67.35%, 48.04%)

Top 8 Fun Facts About Colors that will Surprise You!

Every day we are surrounded by many colors. Our lives are not complete without it. We have got some interesting facts about colors for you!

Fact #1: Did you know that the color red can make you hungry? That is because red is the color of food, and our brain associates it with nourishment. You can also feel excited when you see this color.

Fact #2: Blue is known to have a calming effect. That is why so many people paint their walls blue, and hospitals often use blue as a calming color for patients.

Fact #3: Yellow is a color that can make you more alert. Almost everyone paints their rooms yellow, so it's not surprising!

Fact #4: The color pink makes you happy and satisfied. That is why it is so common for girls to have pink in their bedrooms.

Fact #5: green is the color of nature, which is why its often used for eco-friendly products.

Fact #6: The color purple inspires creativity and imagination. Purple walls are so popular with artists because of this reason!

Fact #7: Black is a powerful color that makes you feel confident and strong. That is why so many business leaders choose to wear black suits!

Fact #8: Brown is a very calm and cozy color that makes you feel comfortable and relaxed. White inspires purity and cleanliness. That is why it is often used in hospitals and kitchens.

To Wrap Things Up

A random color generator is a great tool to have when choosing colors. This tool will help you find the perfect color for whatever you are working on, whether it is your home, clothes, or artwork.

So why not give it a try? Hopefully, you'll be surprised by what you find.